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family. this month says she just received proof her son and his girlfriend are safe. . good evening. it's wednesday, february 27th. a news at 7. the city of santa cruise is grieving tonight, still rattled by the shooting death 2 of veterans and the loves police officers of the we'll take you to the vigil in just a moment. but first what wear learned about the men and -- what we learned about the men and women. kevin vogle held a briefing today. he called the shootings devastating for the community and the department. detective sergeant lore an butch baker was a 28-year veteran of
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the police force it's of baker 2 years ago. he leaves behind a wife, 2 daughters and a son. >> we're having a tough time with this. we have never experienced anything like this in my career. >> santa cruise police officers were all given the day off to grief. the city of being patrolled by the sheriff's office. at the nelson community center in santa cruise, a vigil is underway. she's also been looking into prior workplace issues involving the gunman. >> reporter: it's going until 8:00. it's going to give hundreds in this community a time to gather together and mourn there loss. >> fbi investigators spent the day may being a crime scene like any the city of santa cruise has ever seen. >> like 5, 6 shots. james cooper got out his cell phone and started
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recording. >> cooper didn't know the gravity of what was happening outside his front door, didn't know 2 santa cruise police officers were shot and killed but he did know it was something big. >> then i saw all the police officers coming from every direction, high speed, like out of a movie. >> there is no such thing as a routine police call but this was a call the officers had made many times before. they were doing a follow up investigation on goulet. he was recently fired after he allegedly broke into a coworker's home and made unwanted sexual advances. the officers going to his home had no idea what they were dealing with. >> we know now he was distraut. we know now he had intentions of potentially harming people and/or the police. >> evidence tags marked the
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site where it took the suspect down. >> how was found with 3 handguns and wearing body armor. 2 of the guns and the armor might have come from his victims. >> they were both incredible people and officers. >> now there are flours and notes where the officers were shot and killed, and the flowers keep coming. >> we also know he worked in oakland for about 9 months. the owner told me he was fired in october after failing to come to work for a few days. he described the man as creepy and made others uncomfortable. reporting live in santa cruise, noel walker, ktvu channel 2 news. more details about the moments that claimed the lives of the officers. investigators say the 2 officer
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it is arrived at goule it's home in plain clothes. after killing the officers, he stole both of their service respects and drove off in a police car. he was killed within minutes by responding officers and sheriff's deputies. >> all of santa cruise's 60,000 residents of mourning the death of the 2 police officers. some people today said they were feeling a personal loss. >> butch had a wicked sense of humor. butch was fun to talk to and he was so sweet. >> i'm devastated. it just hurts deep, and i didn't know them personally, but i loved santa cruise -- i love santa cruise pd. >> a memorial outside the station has been growing every day, people stopping by with cards and candles. you'll find ktvu channel 2.
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authorities laid out the entire timeline. the search for paula lopez began about 10 a.m.. the sheriffs department used helicopters to look for her. the family notified the station she had returned. it's not yet clear if she knew known was looking for her. another continuing coverage on a bike trip in south america, going a month without any contract, have finally been located in peru. family members say they finally talked to the missing couple just a couple hours ago. >> amber? >> reporter: we met with the family here on the front lawn of his sister's home shortly after 5:00 this evening. they were all miles. >> garrett's mother, his older sister and father werl
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beaming as mother ms. fitzgerald got the proof the family had been waiting for that her son and his girlfriend are save in peru. >> we have talked to garrett a few hours ago. >> he spoke with han and that the 25-year-old expressed surprise by the commotion he and his girlfriend caused. they laughed and said everything was fantastic. family and friends became concerned for the couple's safety during their bisic their bike trip. >> it is anxiously waiting for the couple to come home. >> we cannot describe the hope and the emotion and the relief and the exhaustion that we're feeling right now. >> the family declined to answer questions, so it's unclear when the couple will return home. our reports that the 2 were in a
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remote area in the amazon and that may be why they were not in touch with family and friends. the military has called off its search for a navy seal who vanished last week. he's an avid runner from wood land. the military said he was swimming off kan appoint on the western tip of oahu and became separated. the coast guard and marine searched an area of 24,000 miles and found no trace of him. santa rosa police are looking for a man. on montgomery drive, the victim was walking on the side of the road when he was struck. police say witnesses heard the impact and reported seeing a light colored mercedes benz in the area.
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now to oakland, firefighters are investigating a fire. it was in a 2-story home right here at interstate 580 across from mills college. a good samaritan spotted the smoke and helped rescue a 70-year-old from the home. the fire was quickly put out but the house is a loss, we're being told with damage being estimated at $200,000. >> the pope delivered his fare well address today to a huge crowd assembled at vatican city. tens of thousands came to hear the 85-year-old pontiff. >> y i will continue to accompany the church with my prayers and ask each of you to pray for me and the new pope. >> pope benedict is the first rope to resign in 600 years, set to meet with cardinals for a
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final time tomorrow. strong sport for naming the san francisco airport may be looking. >> 61% of city voters say they oppose after naming after the first openly gay politician. he calls the pole out dated saying it was conducted 1 mother ago. tomorrow's mid light is looming. president obamas he remains hopeful something might happen, yet the president and congressional leaders are not scheduled to meet until friday. the white house says those talks are intended to provide a platform to discuss how to limited harmful consequences. senate republican leaders say the talks to a chance to talk about cuts to government spending. do you industrial gain 100 -- dow gained 175 points, endorsing low interest rates on
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capitol hill. the dow is now 60 points short of the all time high. nasdaq rose 2. according to the national association of realtors, the number of americans signed contracts to buy homes rose 4 and a half% in january from the previous months, the highest level we've seen in 3 years. former new york city police commissioner, woman bratton, says he's interested in returning to his old job. bratton was commissioner from 1994 to 1996 under then mayor rudolph guiliani. he says he's already met with several potential candidates for mayor of new york in next year's election. water everywhere. now, homes are yellow tagged. the damage from the bay area neighborhood. plus, it's a don't ask,
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don't tell policy for period lights. the policy in 1 school district that has some parents scratching their heads. and in weather, we have some rain showers, coming up, the rain for the week and on the week's weather. you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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at&t. you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. . crews were busy today in san francisco working on a gas leak outside the federal building. no evacuations but they say it was a low pressure gas line leak. it was about 10:30 a.m. when gas began leaking. crews fixed that line and turned off the gas. crews are still at the scene of a flood, 15th avenue is
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still closed tonight. as david stevenson reports, the break was a rude awakening for neighbors. >> reporter: jackhammers began tearing apart the street just hours after a 61-year-old transport pipe ruptured this morning. >> tens of thousands of water flooded this city. in a matter of minutes prized possessions much ruined and washed away. >> my son just started crying for his stuff. >> 6 cars and 22 homes were damaged. public utilities inspector say it's unclear what caused the pipe to rupture or weather it's the cause of a separate sewer line. >> we send this section of pipe off for analysis to see what weren't wrong and our engineers look into that and we'll have an answer in probably 2 days. >> as crews host down the street and clean out soiled
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homes, neighbors tried to salvage what we could. >> we found quite a bit of water and structure damage in the house. many cracks that weren't there before, doors that can't open upstairs. >> the flood apparently caused a smaller sinkhole in the backyard of this house. tonight, 7 homes are yellow tagged, allowing residents entry but requiring more inspection. >> do you feel safe to be here? >> if the building inspector said it's fine, i think it's fine. utilities commission says the transport pipe should be repairing this evening. repairing the road should talk all day tomorrow. ktvu channel 2 news. a $1.2 billion program to upgrade gas and electric lines in san francisco, the program is set to take 5 years ago the work would be done in san francisco. all pg and e customers would pay
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at a rate hike of about five$5. a few answers challenge the san francisco ban on public nudity today. the dancers said they have a constitutional right to be naked in public. police issues citations to 1 women and 2 men. tonight, the oakland police department says it is looking into new information uncovered by a ktvu investigation into sex for sale at car kareoke bars. >> ktvu obtained the video after working with a confidential source for months. the first documented women in skimpy clothing being dropped
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off night after night in october. this afternoon, opd says its own investigation is ongoing. the department released a statement saying, quote, we have a history of and will continue to place high importance on cases involving the exploitation. >> according to our field poll, the latest now shows 61% of vote ooh prove of same sex marriage, the highest level of support in history. civil rights icon has taken her rightful place among those that had helped shape the course of u.s. history. president obama and congressional leaders unveiled the bronze statue. parks is known for challenging segregation laws in alabama almost 60 years ago when she refused give up her seat on a city bus. she was the first woman to be
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honored with a statue. van cliburn is being remembered for 1 of the best pianosts. he rose to fame when he won the first international tchaikovkyy competition. he was 78 years old. after a dramatic procedure at the children's hospital, 10-year-old mary was born with her left leg shorter than her right. starting last may, the 4th grader began wearing an apparatus, growing her leg 3 inches. doctors say she'll need no further surgery, and by the time she's 16, he legs will be even.
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a new policy has some parents concerned about a contagious parasite. joseph tells us parents think they're being kept out of the loop. >> reporter: they run around and huddle together. parents worry about lice. >> i grew up in an area when we were sent home. >> the school district just instituted new lice procedures. >> if we discover lice on the kids we will notify parents to begin treatment at the end of school day. >> you will not find out if a student lice and that child will no longer be kept home. >> i'm sorry, it's going to be transmitted there. >> this woman said her kids
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have brought home 4 letters reporting lice in classrooms. >> i think i, as a parent, have a right to know what my kids are around each day. >> ktvu channel 2 news. it is almost official. alex smith is being traded to the kansas city chiefs. they can't make the official announcement until march 12th. vick was the 49ers first round pick in 2005 and led the team to the championship last year but halfway into this past season he was replaced by kaepernick. you have excuse us, we're saying fare well to a long time ktvu reporter. learn about 1 of rita williams's proudest moments along her
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career. warm temperatures are expected to stick around for the next couple of days. the meteorologist will tell us when it will hit the mid 70s. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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clarity is the best it's been in decades. tests taken last year show water clarity at an average depth of 75.3 feet, the best since 2002 when visibility reached 78 feet. and speaking of 70s, we are feeling them here in the bay area, and there's more to come. >> reporter: that's correct. the warm weather pattern will stick around for a few days. no rainfall just yet. first we'll show you the temperatures from this afternoon. they range from 60 degrees in pacifica and this there you can pick out the low 70s in santa rosa and napa. >> the northwestern portions of the state, approaching some showers. that's about it as we head into the overnight hours. >> forecast headlines we'll
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continue to hold on to the high clouds. temperatures will be on the mild side once again. the weekend definitely more clouds on saturday and begin our cooling trend. no raindrops just yet but we have the chances on the long range weather maps. >> temperatures starting out in the upper 30s. san jose, 43, and livermore starting out thursday morning, 41 degrees. >> once again, here the latest on the satellite and the radar to the north. for thursday and friday, mostly sunny skies. temperatures warming into the 60s and 70s. friday will be the warmest day of the week for march first and then into the weekend we have a cold front moving in. this will definitely drop off our temperatures. we bring in high clouds on saturday and sunday and sunday will be the coolest of the week. some of the clouds on the increase tonight and tomorrow at 6:00.
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partly cloudy skies to start out thursday. temperatures tomorrow about the same as today, could be a little bit warmer in a few spots. santa rosa lower 70s, oakland 69 degrees, some clouds to start out the day, but more sunshine for the afternoon. san jose, 70, in downtown san francisco, mid 60s. >> a look ahead your 5-day forecast, before the weekend some, warm temperatures to talk about as we head into friday. more clouds by saturday and sunday. no rain clouds yet, but possibly wednesday we could be tracking rain. tonight, it is with sadness we'll say good-bye to rita williams who's retiring after 35 years at ktvu. she says she remembers when she started in the business 40 years ago, she was truly a pioneer. she proudly remembers how former san francisco sheriff said she
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was had a huge heart. >> thank you for trusting us ktvu news. our coverage continues tonight underground parties for teens but what's going on is very adult. shocking video parents will want to see. next on ktvu 36. ♪ roundup
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